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Sale Item - M's Classic Convertible Pants
  • Unzips into Shorts
    Unzips into Shorts
  • Front Detail
    Front Detail
  • Rear Detail
    Rear Detail
  • Sage
  • Fossil
  • converted to Shorts (Sage)
    converted to Shorts (Sage)

Perfect for traveling — perhaps the most versatile pair of all purpose pants to have on your expedition — they answer nearly all your needs!

These pants have these special features:

  • Convert them from long pants to shorts with the "zip of a wrist"
  • They pack small so they won't take up much space in your luggage
  • They're designed for adventure, activity, and comfortable lounging
  • They have the right kind of pockets: hand pockets, patch pockets, secure "zip" pockets
  • They're made of quick-drying, lightweight Omni-Dry nylon
  • They're breathable, with a soft hand, nice drape, and great abrasion resistance
  • UPF 15 sun protection

PRICE:  $55.00 

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